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Finch Financial Refinancing – Hard to Say, Easy to Do
Fight fire with fire. We used to work for banks, now we use our insider knowledge to work for you.

Why You Need to Refinance

What’s the #1 lie that mortgage-holders believe? That your bank cares about giving you a good interest rate.

The reality is, banks are quick to raise the interest you pay, but they rarely lower it.

You need to take that initiative. If you haven’t reviewed your rate since purchasing, odds are it’s a lot higher than it should be, and you’re paying your bank more than they deserve.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk numbers!

See the difference paying just 1% extra interest will have over the lifetime of your average $500,000, 30 year mortgage.

Why You’re Paying More Than You Should.

There’s a common saying that people settle twice for a property. The first time is when they settle on the purchase. The second is when they settle on an interest rate… and end up wasting tens of thousands in unnecessary payments over the lifetime of the loan.

So ask yourself, why have you settled?

Lack of Awareness

You don’t know what refinancing is, or you don’t know what situations can be improved by refinancing.

Too Difficult

You don’t really understand finance or want to keep track of interest rates.

Too Time Consuming

Buying your home took forever, you don’t want to start that process all over again.

Scared of the Outcome

You’re scared the bank will reject you, or could somehow make your repayments worse.

Refinancing With Finch Financial Is The Solution

We understand the misconceptions that stop you from taking control of your mortgage. We also know all the tricks the banks use to keep you confused. Our goal is to avoid both, and get you the fair interest rate you deserve.

Refinancing Explained

From the self-employed, investment property owners, down-sizers, debt consolidators and more, we can help explain why you should refinance and how the process works.

Refinancing is Easy

All we need is a 10 minute consultation, whenever it suits your schedule, and we’ll do the rest.

Refinancing is Fast

Refinancing only takes a few business days, you could have a cheaper mortgage by the weekend!

Refinancing is Risk-Free

At best, you save thousands, at worst, you find out you’re already on a fantastic deal!

With access to over 40+ lenders, our promise is to match you with the lender that best suits your needs

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves!

  • $140m worth of mortgages refinanced since June 2022
  • $34m worth of new loans this financial year
  • $375k in interest payments saved in the past 12 months

We used to be bankers, until we realised we were part of the problem. Now, we are dedicated to helping you with your finances.

Here’s a Word From Some Clients Who’ve Saved Thousands With Finch Financial.

“Not having to deal directly with the banks makes a massive difference!”

Highly, highly, highly recommend Julian and the team at Finch Financial. Getting a loan is always a stressful time but Julian made the process much easier for us - not having to deal directly with the banks makes a massive difference! The team were in touch with us daily to update us on the status of our loan.

- Alison Lovat, Sydney NSW

“They went beyond their duty to ensure we secured our dream home.”

Securing my first home was challenging as a business owner, but Finch Financial simplified it. They provided extensive support going beyond their duty, even assisting with my conveyancer and insurance, to ensure we secured our dream home, and proactively lowered our interest rate a year later. Their comprehensive, lifelong finance services make them my trusted finance partner, worthy of high recommendation.

- Perry Henderson (and family), Central Coast NSW

"Julian pretty much saved my life with the amount of knowledge."

Definitely underpaid from the bank for the work these guys put in. Julian pretty much saved my life with the amount of knowledge and work he put in to helping me secure my refinance going through a hard time in my life. I can’t thank Finch Financial enough.

- Anders M, Gold Coast QLD

"Straight forward approach delivered me a significant saving without fuss."

Julian was instrumental in the refinancing of my properties, with his common sense straightforward approach delivered me a significant yearly saving without fuss. Julian has recently facilitated a further financial solution for property renovations. During this time he has demonstrated exceptional problem-solving abilities and has once again delivered real results. Julian is customer focused tailoring the right solution to the individual's needs. I will continue to use Julian and highly recommend him.

- Matthew Jasper, Newcastle NSW

Quick and Fuss-Free Loan Applications

Business owners agree: every minute counts. There are only so many hours in a day, and your to-do list may feel never-ending.

Our streamlined six-step application process takes the time and guesswork out of business financing. It’s as easy as this:

First, apply online and provide us with your details

Discuss your needs, goals, and challenges

We’ll review your loan options together

Understand the lender’s criteria for approval

We help with the application to secure your loan

Check in to ensure your terms still fit your needs

Save Yourself Thousands with One Decision

Think about it, you could save tens of thousands of dollars on your mortgage with just a ten minute consultation.

So what are you waiting for?

The worst that can happen is you find out you’re already on a great deal!