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With years of experience, we have a comprehensive panel of lenders who we work with. 

With such partnerships, we can provide you with great service and the most suitable products available in our network.

Loans made simple

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First Home Buyer or Experienced Investor, Self Employed or Salaried Employee, Clear credit or Credit impaired
Residential or Commercial Mortgages, Consumer or Commercial Asset Finance,
There is no limit to what we can finance at Finch Financial.

Our promise is to match you with the lender that best suits your needs

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We make your new loan application as easy as possible, our job is to get your loan approved
We are an agent of the lenders we use BUT WE WORK FOR YOU
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Finch Financial Services is engaged by you to obtain finance; therefore, we are working to provide you with the right advice and get the result you are looking for.

We work for you not the lender.

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Our stress-free approach to fulfilling your requirements is just that, simple & easy – below are our quick steps to get your loan approved. Done.

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