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Connells Point Netball Club

Finch Financial Services has been involved in the local community from day 1, Our team has a passion for sport and a history of coaching and administration particulalrly in the sport of Netball. Connells Point Netball Club is our local club and we love helping out with providing space for registration, financial support for important equipment and most importantly we volunteer our time to coach the young players how to play netball, you can ask us here how to register to play netball for Connells Point!

The Improved Production Car

Another of our favourite sports is motor racing, its also very expensive! We will never be a Supercar sponsor or a Formula 1 team, but we do support the guys and girls that enjoy tinkering with their cars and testing them against their mates on the track, The Improved Production Car racing category is a group of car enthusiasts who love what they do and in turn we get a thrill out of seeing them succeed. They teach our team about cars and we get to teach them about money, to make sure they have enough spare to go racing!



We are always looking for client focused individuals to join our team, if you have more than 2 years experience as a broker or a banker we would love to hear from you.

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