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Finch Financial Services is engaged by you to obtain finance; therefore, we are working to provide you with the right advice and get the result you are looking for.

We work for you not the lender.




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About Finch Financial

Our promise is to deliver the product that best suits your needs
We don’t SELL loans to you, so the price is not all that matters
We get your loan application APPROVED so Matching you with the right lender is Key


Finch Financial Services was founded on the desire to provide personal and tailored solutions for our clients, we want to manage your finances and help you reach your goals now and into the future. This is not a transaction to us but the start of a long-term relationship.


Finch Financial Services was established in 2015 after a ten-year career in a big 4 bank. Not only have we had time in the industry, but we have the numbers behind us as well, we do this full time, this is our job. Some brokers drive Ubers between loans, we drive approvals.

Taking back your Finances

Too many Australian’s are complacent when it comes to their own financial wellbeing, sometimes it comes down to a lack of knowledge, sometimes it can be fear and sometimes it’s just downright laziness.

Finch Financial Services began in 2015 with the single focus to ensure that mortgage holders always had the best deal.

It is easy to blame the bank for making too much money out of you, but the simple fact is you can make sure they do not.

Working with Finch Financial Services ensures your finances are back in your control

We do it all for you

Our job is making your life easy.

Not only do we help get your application together, negotiate with the lenders on your behalf and monitor your loans into the future, But we also want to be the first thing you think of when you need help with something.

If you need a new car, a holiday, to protect your belongings, a handyman, a renovation, a place to go to dinner or just someone to talk to, we want you to think of us.

Come to us with any scenario and we will tell you how to make it happen.
Get To Know Us

Meet The Finch Financial Family

We are family owned and operated
We treat our clients as part of our family as well
We take your financial matter as seriously as we would take our own.

Julian Finch
Principal – Finance Specialist

Julian has spent the last 15 years in the financial services industry Led a team of up to 16 people in a big 4 bank and knows how to navigate the sometimes (always) frustrating banking system.

He started Finch Financial to ensure you get the best deal available. Refinancing you to a better deal (and winning against a bank) is his favourite thing, but seeing you settle on a new home is a pretty big buzz too!

Nicole Walton
Loan Consultant

Nicole has an eye for detail, she loves an organised home (just check her kitchen cupboards)

And she is the same in the office, meticulous with her preparation of a loan application to the point where once she has completed your new loan submission, Lenders are regularly able to provide their decision in just one touch. Follow her lead and your deal is as good as done.

Maureen Finch
Client Services & Settlements

Maureen is a recent addition to the Finch Financial Team, with a lifetime of customer service experience

She is now our dedicated client relationship manager Ensuring that your new loan is settled as quickly and efficiently as possible, but there is something else…. Maureen is the Mum; it says it all really. When you need help, who do you go to first? Mum’s fix everything and it is no different here.

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