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Residential Lending

Finch Financial Services can help you with all your residential lending needs, Our team have helped thousands of clients over a number of years into their first or new home, grown their portfolio to include one or more investment properties, helped them build their dream home from scratch or allowed them to use the equity they have built in their property to consolidate debt or diversify their investment portfolio into shares or other investments.

Most importantly once we get you the loan you want, we maintain the relationship to ensure you are always making the most of the financial product you have chosen, we offer an annual review of your loan facility and give you a range of alternatives to help you pay off your loans or maximise the benefits of your debt.

Did you know that whilst you may sign up for a 30-year home loan, the average lifespan of a loan is less than 5 years? This is largely because your needs and goals change and a loan you signed up for 2 years ago, may not suit the goals you have now. The facility you have needs to be able to evolve with your changing situation, we recommend a loan review every 12-18 months, and we want to see you making the most of your financial situation.

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