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Commercial Lending

Finch Financial Services can help you with your commercial lending needs, Our Business lending team have experience in both business banking and in small to medium sized business, not only do we understand your needs from a financial institutions viewpoint, but we have also been involved in the running of businesses and understand the urgency of your enquiry.

Frankly, we see a gap in the responsiveness of the large financial institutions towards small -medium sized business enquiries and we also see a disconnect with the customers (you) with the constant changing and lack of contact from ‘relationship managers’

At Finch Financial Services we have less than 5 people currently in our team and you will be directly managed by our owner Julian Finch. This way you can be sure to always be in contact with your ‘relationship manager’

We will deal with the lenders on your behalf and remove the frustration of being told you don’t fit into a certain ‘segment’ because when you are a Finch Financial Services customer, you are a colleague and a friend, you are not someone who is categorized by your loan size.

Are you ready to work with Finch Financial Services?

We can help you with:

  • Commercial / Industrial Security Lending
  • Secured and unsecured Business Finance
  • Franchise Finance
  • Agribusiness
  • Medical / Health professionals
  • Equipment Finance
  • Development Finance
  • Tax Debts