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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Why would I use a finance broker?

Why would I use a finance broker? Because they can save you time and money. As the home loan market becomes increasingly complex, more people are turning to finance brokers . Here are some of the reasons. Finance brokers can save time The choices...

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Home Loan Pre-approvals Explained

Home loan pre-approval For those getting ready to stride into the world of home ownership, the uncertainties of pre-approval can cast a shadow of doubt over an otherwise exciting time. When is it necessary? How long does it last? And what does it...

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When to Refinance your Mortgage

When Would I Refinance My Mortgage? Whenever it makes financial sense to do so. Heard about mortgage refinancing? In the past, most people who took out a mortgage doggedly continued with it until they had paid it off. These days, people refinance...

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